Wednesday, October 15, 2008

television live at paradiso amsterdam 3 6 77

opening for blondie,with a killer version of little johnny jewel...excellent quality, my own recording.hard to believe its 31 years ago,I remember that gig vividly.
also, as requested, available as waves, as a 100 percent true copy of the original cassette
total size 687 mb


Anonymous said...


It was great to see this post today. I have a ton of Television shows ( but have never seen this one. Any chance I could obtain a full (i.e. flac or otherwise) version of the show? Thanks.

Steve (

Mark said...

Thank you very much, I love the sound of old live recordings.

Anonymous said...

thanks a million for making this available, and thanks a million again for the extra effort to make it available lossless

Cheers !

Murray Ramone

Bishop said...

Thanks for the Television goodie! Any chance you'll be posting more such fineness from your collection?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

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